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Our approach to business is different; We have a desire to build a better future for
our kids, our community and our daily lives. ln addition to quality food, we use the
latest development in renewable products and methods to reduce the environmental
impact for our catering company and ultimately our customers. To this end:

Your order is served in our custom
designed signature trays, which
are made from 85% recycled
cardboard cardboardand is
100% recyclable.

Your order comes with sugarcane fibre
plates and bowls called Bagasse. These
products are made from the pulp left from
sugar canes, which is one of the most
renewable resources in the world. They are
also 100% biodegradable and compost-able.

The coolest part of your order is the
revolutionary pressed potato starch cutlery,
made from real potatoes. This revolutionary
cutlery is 100% biodegradable and will
biodegrade in a commercial composter
in just 180 days.

Best of all, we deliver your order in the
most economical way possible (short of a
bicycle :)
  The use of these renewable and biodegradable materials for your catering order
means there is no lasting environmental impact. Our efforts are on-going. While
we’re not perfect, the aim is to continually improve our environmental efforts.

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